A Peek Inside My Room

I LOVE looking at pictures of classrooms. I always get such great ideas and inspiration. I decided to do some spring cleaning today and reorganized my teacher area, and (since it was so nice and clean) I thought I'd go ahead and snap some pics so that you can get a glimpse into my world!
{Warning: There are a LOT of pics in this post.}
View from the door
Word Wall to the left of the entry
Daily schedule on the concept/reference wall

View from the back wall

Since we have tables, I had to come up with different places around the room to store our supplies. {I would like to note that I LOVE having tables, so I'm happy to find space for supplies.}
We keep our Busy Bee folders in the blue tubs. They are secured with Velcro so they don't constantly fall over.
In the drawers, we keep our math center folders, math workbooks, privacy folders, and our ipad stands. Table Captains gather these supplies when needed.
My wonderful dad built these cubbies for me over the summer. Our backpacks hang above them.

Below are our book boxes. The kids use them during the Daily 5.
I keep our math tubs in bins next to the books boxes.
View from my teacher table
View from the front of the room

 I am super-lucky to have a co-teacher this year. Her name is Mrs. Hernandez, and this is her area. This is connected to our classroom library and our ipad charging station.
View from the windows
 Close-ups from my teacher area
Reading group supplies
 More teacher supplies... We have so much stuff!
 This is where I keep monthly supplies- decorations, math centers, books, etc
And finally, my Avett Brothers quote... I LOVE the Avett Brothers. This is hanging next to the door. One of my little sweeties told me he always looks at it as he leaves, and it reminds him of "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty." Smart kid!
That's it! Thank you so much for visiting! Feel free to ask me any questions.

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Shape Up! {and a freebie}

We’ve been having fun with shapes in our classroom this week. We’ve played with attribute blocks and found characteristics that the shapes have in common. The Smartboard came in handy to sort pictures of polygons/not polygons. (Totally forgot to take pics of this. Boo!) The past couple of days we have shifted our focus to solid shapes. (My coworker did get a pic of this. Yeah! Thanks Mrs. Hernandez for being our model.) 

Since we have 1:1 ipads it’s always fun to incorporate them into our math lessons to get the kids up and moving. We used our ipads to scan QR codes, open the URL in Safari, and BAM up pops a picture of a 3 dimensional object! I usually place the QR codes around the room to get the students moving while they hunt for them and then record the name of the shape on their recording sheet. They were so engaged during this activity it was AWESOME! If you'd like to try this out in your room you can find it here.

While some children were working on the QR scavenger hunt, others were working in their math tubs. We are addicted to Kristen Smith's, from A Day In First Grade, math tubs. Thanks Kristen for creating such fun games for our kids!

If you need a quick solid shapes assessment, shape hunt, or QR code search you can find them here! The pages below are all yours in this FREEBIE!

Thanks for reading! Now it's time for Spring Break...

We Heart Teaching
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This Week: Outdoor Fun and Exploring Soil!

We are super-lucky to have some great outdoor opportunities at our school that provide hands-on learning for our kiddos. We have a garden and a chicken coop, and we recently welcomed 4 goats! Austin weather has been beautiful lately, so we took advantage of the sunshine and spent some time outside.

The beautiful weather came at a perfect time because we also started our "Life in the Garden" unit. We began the unit by learning about soil. We learned about the different layers and what they're composed of.
We started  by exploring soil using our senses. The students used masking tape to grab a soil sample and then described it.
We then did an experiment where we combined soil and water in a jar and predicted what would happen overnight. They were surprised to find out that the soil settled into layers!
We also learned about what the different layers were made of.

We ended the week with a little seed/soil predicting. We planted lima beans in three types of soil and predicted which we thought would grow the fastest.
{Fingers crossed we see some growth before Spring Break!}
Next week we'll learn about seeds, the parts of a plant, and the plant life cycle. Exciting stuff! All of  this {and more} is available in my new unit!
(Click on the pic to go to my TPT store)

We Heart Teaching
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