Shape Up! {and a freebie}

We’ve been having fun with shapes in our classroom this week. We’ve played with attribute blocks and found characteristics that the shapes have in common. The Smartboard came in handy to sort pictures of polygons/not polygons. (Totally forgot to take pics of this. Boo!) The past couple of days we have shifted our focus to solid shapes. (My coworker did get a pic of this. Yeah! Thanks Mrs. Hernandez for being our model.) 

Since we have 1:1 ipads it’s always fun to incorporate them into our math lessons to get the kids up and moving. We used our ipads to scan QR codes, open the URL in Safari, and BAM up pops a picture of a 3 dimensional object! I usually place the QR codes around the room to get the students moving while they hunt for them and then record the name of the shape on their recording sheet. They were so engaged during this activity it was AWESOME! If you'd like to try this out in your room you can find it here.

While some children were working on the QR scavenger hunt, others were working in their math tubs. We are addicted to Kristen Smith's, from A Day In First Grade, math tubs. Thanks Kristen for creating such fun games for our kids!

If you need a quick solid shapes assessment, shape hunt, or QR code search you can find them here! The pages below are all yours in this FREEBIE!

Thanks for reading! Now it's time for Spring Break...

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