This Week: Outdoor Fun and Exploring Soil!

We are super-lucky to have some great outdoor opportunities at our school that provide hands-on learning for our kiddos. We have a garden and a chicken coop, and we recently welcomed 4 goats! Austin weather has been beautiful lately, so we took advantage of the sunshine and spent some time outside.

The beautiful weather came at a perfect time because we also started our "Life in the Garden" unit. We began the unit by learning about soil. We learned about the different layers and what they're composed of.
We started  by exploring soil using our senses. The students used masking tape to grab a soil sample and then described it.
We then did an experiment where we combined soil and water in a jar and predicted what would happen overnight. They were surprised to find out that the soil settled into layers!
We also learned about what the different layers were made of.

We ended the week with a little seed/soil predicting. We planted lima beans in three types of soil and predicted which we thought would grow the fastest.
{Fingers crossed we see some growth before Spring Break!}
Next week we'll learn about seeds, the parts of a plant, and the plant life cycle. Exciting stuff! All of  this {and more} is available in my new unit! 
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  1. I love it girls!!! We are studying soil when we return from spring break! Miss you!!!