Monthly Math Crafts

Are you looking for a fun and creative way for your students to practice those oh-so important math facts? Do you have some students working on basic addition while others are ready for 2 digit subtraction? Monthly Math Crafts to the rescue!

As a teacher, I love these math crafts for many reasons. Fine motor skills are so important, and kids still need to cut and glue and practice special reasoning. I also love that I can give my students something fun that they enjoy while practicing math skills on their level. I usually have 3 differentiation options available with each craft. I let the kids choose the level they want to work on, and I'd say 90% choose exactly what they need. For those that choose something too easy, I encourage them to choose a different level and go for a challenge!

 All of my monthly math crafts include at least 2 craft options and 16 differentiation options. These include 2 levels of addition and subtraction facts to 18, 2 digit addition and subtraction without regrouping, 2 and 3 digit addition and subtraction with regrouping. 3 levels or multiplication, and 3 levels of division. You can also get the Bonus Differentiation Bundle for even more options!

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