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I’m so excited to introduce you to my FAVORITE language arts resource! After teaching  1st grade for 11 years, I felt like I needed a quick way to review previously learned LA skills throughout the year. The LA 5-a-day is a spiraling review of phonics skills, spelling, grammar and more! And the best part is that it fits on ONE PAGE per week. After having so much success with the 1st grade version I created one for Kindergarten and 2nd grade to use in my current role as a campus reading specialist.

The skills are spiraling so the same skill will be reviewed for 2-4 weeks. This helps students understand the concept, as well as, gain confidence. I've used these whole group and as a warm up for my guided reading lessons. I've had success with both and hope you will too! Please let me know if you have any questions about the LA 5-a-day!

Customer Reviews:
Using this for homework has been a lifesaver!! Goes over things that need the reinforcement!!

I'm super excited to use this resource with my 2nd graders this year. Your 5-a-day resources are excellent! They're comprehensive, easy to manage, and the perfect spiral review. Thank you for your hard work!

I love using these spiral reviews as a starter in my small group. It gave my students a minute to get there brain ready while I grabbed books or put out fires. Great review that made students pay attention to directions. Fantastic resource! 

You can find all the LA 5-a-Days in my TPT store

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