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We are Ashley and Jana, two 1st grade teacher BFFs in Austin, TX. This is us:

OK, I'll admit...My hair's not really pink, but I LOVE a good wig!

We've been planning this blog for awhile, so what better day to launch than the 100th day of school! It was slightly cold here in Texas, so our day was a little short due to a delayed start. You know Texans can't drive on possibly-icy roads!

Anyway, we still made the best of it and had some fun. The kiddos wrote about things they'd like to do before turning 100 years old. They are so darn cute!

Hot French guy?! Gotta love 1st graders!

We're learning about equivalent names in math, so today we made the number 100 and turned it into the traditional crazy 100th day hat.

Thanks for visiting! We'll have more soon!

We Heart Teaching
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