We Heart LEGOS! {and a freebie!}

My 6 year old is pretty much obsessed with Legos. He has so many Lego mini-figures that he was able to take 100 of them to school for the 100th day. It's pretty crazy, and frankly, it's a little out of control. We are working on a system to get things organized.
Here are some pics of the beginning stages of Lego organization at my house:

My son has been counting down the days to The Lego Movie, and we were so excited to see it this weekend! It was so good!! Two thumbs up. In honor of The Lego Movie, I decided to do this post and offer a freebie!

Once I realized how much kids loved Legos, I started thinking about how to incorporate them into my classroom. My students love using them during math. We recently used them to compare amounts using >, <, and = symbols, and we also used them in comparison number stories to tell "How much more?" by finding the difference.

Ready for your freebie? Just download it from my TPT store!
Have a great week!

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