Teacher Week 2016

We had a blast joining the Blog Hoppin' gals for Teacher Week. This year all photos were posted to Instagram (click HERE to follow us!), so we're linking up for one big post to share the FUN!

Monday was "Meet Me Monday." Of course, we had to change that to Meet US!

Tuesday was "Teaching Tuesday," and we shared some of our fave lessons. We both chose Science lessons! Ashley shared her Life in the Pond unit, and I shared my All About Penguins unit.

You can read more about my penguin unit HERE and HERE.

Wednesday was "Where I Work Wednesday." This was such a fun one! I loved seeing everyone's home away from home!
Ashley's Classroom:

Jana's Classroom:

Thursday Ashley shared her work style for "Threads Thursday."

Friday was "Friends Friday," and we kinda dropped the ball and forgot to post. BUT...thankfully we can post here! Here we are with some our friends/coworkers at the Get Your Teach On conference this past summer. We had such a BLAST!

There you have it! Thanks for stopping by. Head black to Blog Hoppin' for more fun!

We Heart Teaching
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  1. I don't know how y'all have time to create such amazing posts while still creating awesome hands-on lessons and running after kids! I'll definitely be needing a lot of tips before I'm ready to handle that! P.S. Penguins are my favorite animal so I'll definitely be checking out your unit :)