Happy 1st Day of School & Happy 9th "Anniversary"

Recently when my co-blogger, Jana, and I were at the Austin Blogger Meet Up someone asked us "how long we'd been together?" While our blog is a new adventure for us, we've been teaching together for 9 years. This year brings a unique situation for us since I'm not actually at school for the beginning of the year. I'll be spending these first few weeks at home on maternity leave not sleeping loving on my new baby girl. Since I'm missing the first day of school I thought I'd do a Happy 1st Day & Happy 9 Year Anniversary to my "work wife" post.

So here's a quick shout out to Jana for helping out with my little sweeties while I'm away. Since we've been "together" for 9 years here is a little look into the past 9 years for us…


Well, apparently we don’t have many pictures from 2006 (obviously pre-iPhone). I’ll keep hunting and add to the post if I find something. This was our first year working together and we became friends very quickly!


2007 was a fun year for us…given that we weren’t moms yet we spent a few nights out on the town.


While I’m not much of a singer my co-workers managed to talk me into a little karaoke fun! This is us with Freddy singing Don’t Stop Believing… definitely a crowd pleaser.


I can’t recall how we ended up at this concert, but here we are with our team before watching Paula Cole (Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?). 



Every year our school has an auction for the staff and parents as a fund-raiser. In 2010 the theme was 80’s. Since we enjoy a good costume party dressing up was a no brainer. But more importantly, Jana loves any excuse to wear a wig. I know those brunette curls had you fooled for a second. 
Had to throw in this extra pic of Freddy and me too cause his costume was the BEST of the night!!!


In 2011 we didn't need wigs for our Halloween costumes, but we somehow managed to get our husbands to wear them.
 Sookie Stackhouse & Bill Compton
Clive Bixby & Juliana (aka Phil & Claire Dunphy from Modern Family)
We also choreographed a lip-dub for our staff to do to Katy Perry’s Fireworks that year! 


Here's a picture of us from Halloween 2012. I was just a week away from delivering my first daughter so I dressed up as Juno (Pauly Bleeker is photo-bombing) and Jana was a flapper...of course with a cute wig.


Every year we have an “I Love to Read” day fashion show. Our students dress up as their favorite book character. In 2013 we did a Kevin Henkes author study and dressed as Lilly from Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse and Wemberly from Wemberly Worried.



So here we are 9 years later...still teaching 1st grade and loving every minute of it! Here's some pics of our babies!
Noah is staring 1st grade today!
Charlotte (20 months) Claire (10 days old)

So happy first day...it's such a magical day. I'm definitely missing my students today. Here's to an exciting school year to you all!!!
And Happy 9 Year Anniversary to Jana...here's to many more.

We Heart Teaching
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