Five for (Sunday) FUNday!

I had big plans to join Doodlebugs for Five for Friday (on Friday), but sometimes life gets in the way! We're all settled now, and I'm ready to share what we've been up to!

Last week had open house. I'm SOOO relieved that it's over! We studied penguins all of January and had some great projects to show off. You can learn more about our paper mache penguins and our keynote presentations here: Paper Mache Tutorial & Penguin Time!

*I am slightly obsessed with this bulletin board. Those penguins are so darn cute!
Things are getting serious now that we've moved on from short vowels! For the next couple of weeks we will be working on Bossy R (r-controlled vowels.) Last week we focused on ar.
 My word work activities for the week were STAPLED together by accident. Waahhhh! This made for quite the fun when I had to pass them back out every day.
I finished up my Bossy R Word Work bundle and added it to my TPT store.

If you're moving on to vowel teams, you should check out my other word work units!

Now that February is upon us, we are in full Valentine's mode. We create heart maps each year and this year I changed it up a bit by using watercolors for the backgrounds. They did such a great job!

We first read the book My Map Book by Sara Fanelli.
It illustrates different types of maps and even has a heart map!
I then gave the kids big white construction paper and half a heart tracer. Our first lesson is symmetry and how to make a heart! :) They traced and cut out the hearts and drew lines. My hearts were bigger, so I told them they could do between 6 and 8 sections.
 Once they had the pictures drawn in pencil, they traced their lines in red crayon and colored the pictures. Everything had to be colored because we were then painting the background with water colors. Last year we colored the backgrounds with colored pencils, but the water colors turned out so much better.

We also started our symmetrical "Love Monsters." SUCH a mess during the process but so fun!

We also switched out our Baby, It's Cold Outside Math Tubs for some super-fun February tubs that Ashley created. The kids are loving them!

 That's it for now! Head back to Doodlebugs to check out the other blogs that linked up this week!

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